The Polaris Pro RMK 800 turbo kit by BoonDocker includes all of the mechanical and electrical components necessary for installation. The base turbo package includes a Garrett GT2860 turbo charger with a cast iron exhaust housing and wastegate. The kit is customizable with upgrades that include Garrett GTX turbo chargers, an extruded aluminum intercooler, a water to air intercooler, and a TiAL stainless steel exhaust system. With all of the options available, each turbo kit can be tailored to meet the needs of any riding style. Every kit also includes an electronic control box that allows the rider to add or subtract fuel based on RPM levels, boost, and throttle position. The control box even automatically compensates for changes in altitude and barometric pressure. This complete kit has been subjected to intensive riding and testing by some of the top snowmobile racers and backcountry riders in the world. With even the smallest details not going overlooked, this BoonDocker turbo kit wi

POLARIS PRO RMK 800 BoonDocker Turbo Kit

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