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The trusty iRack has been in the line up for the past few years. Its strong durable design has proven to take a beating and keep coming back for more. The CFR Connect was designed around the irack. The Connect allows the iRack to be taken on and off your snowmobile without any tools. (Sold separately and only available on Ski doo XM and XP snowmobiles.)


  • One piece side rails. Stronger with less welding.

    • Lower center of gravity. ¾" lower than CFR DD rack.

    • 2 ¾" Longer than CFR DD rack

    • Larger carrying capacity than the CFR DD rack with the same weight.

    • Logo is cnc'd on side plates for long lasting results.

    • Inside area of iRack is 15 X 10 ¾" X 2 ⅞"

    • Mounting plate dimensions : Width 2 3/4" Length 10 7/8" All of the snowboard and Ski brackets work the same on the iRack as the DD rack.

    • Made from extremely strong and lightweight 3/4"structural Tubular Aluminum.

    • Mounting bracket is form fitted around the sides for super strength.

    • Professional welds for long lasting results.

    • All mounting Hardware included is made from high grade stainless steel. Super strong and rust Free

    • Carries up to a 20L 6 G fuel container.

    • Carries up to 2 pairs of Skis/Snowboards with proper attachments (Sold Separately)

    • Mounts to most snowmobiles with a 141" track or longer.

    • Proudly made in Canada.