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100LL Av Gas

Factory Tuned at 10 PSI

Complete Package

Lightweight Design

Responsive Driveability

Predictable Horsepower

Consistent Performance

Alititude-Compensating Boost

Pull n' Go Turbocharger


$4,795 - BoonDocker Sidekick X Turbo Kit

To maximize performance, add a Lightweight Water to Air Intercooler for an additional +$749.


Looking for extra horsepower without breaking the bank?  The BoonDocker Sidekick X adds just the right amount of horsepower in a complete, responsive package.  Factory-tuned at 10 PSI of boost, the turbo kit automatically adjusts the boost level based on changes in elevation for consistent performance.  Designed to complement the lightweight AXYS chassis, the Sidekick X is a true pull n' go turbo kit.