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Bully Dog Powersports Gauge Tuner for all Polaris 2015-Up AXYS 800 Models.
Loaded with a custom BMP tune which does the following :
Corrects base fuel & timing maps for optimum performance.
Corrects fuel & timing maps for warm weather performance.
Corrects timing above 8000 RPM for aftermarket pipes that like to rev for optimum horsepower.
Corrects timing map based on pipe exhaust gas temp to better hold in the peak power curve.
Corrects steady throttle lean mapping for better throttle response.
Corrects Electronic Oil Mixture map for optimum motor longevity and performance.


    • Data logging - record data to the unit's SD card for up to 20 minutes. Data can be played back using the Bully Dog software on your PC.
    • For the AXYS 800 you can monitor: throttle %, barometric pressure, RPM, speed, battery voltage, coolant temp, intake temp, timing MAG, timing PTO, injection Mag, injection PTO, MAP sensor, engine load, and knock.
    • 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance tests.
    • Read and erase trouble codes.
    • Easy to install.
    • Serial number specific. This unit can only be used to tune on one machine to prevent theft.
    • Comes standard with our base tune which optimizes fuel maps, timing maps, and electronic oil injection maps.
    • *Must run 91 octane minimum*
    • Easily upgrade to other levels depending on what modifications you have.
    • Clutching is highly recommended for maximum power and performance
    • See the full description below for more model specifics.
    • Installation Instructions can be viewed HERE
    • Download Bully Dog Software HERE
    • Select the appropriate tune(s) for your machine below
    • You must have your ECU serial number when ordering. This is located on your ECU
    • Part #: BG-48100-AXYS800


    AXYS 800 Tuning Info

    Our programming for the AXYS 800 is simply top notch! The stock map needs some serious work. The Bully Dog GT and our tuning experts allow us to go where no other company can. Most companies will correct fuel maps based on all the other stock parameters and timing tables. We are able to smooth out the timing for best performance then dial in fueling from there. This provides huge driveability and power advantages over other programmers. On the AXYS 800 model we found the fuel map for 45+ degree intake temp to be way out of whack. You may think who rides at that temp? This is at the intake air temp sensor which can easily see 45 degrees on a 25-35 degree day. We fix this map to run correctly for that temp making the difference night and day. The stock map also tapers off timing fast above 8000 RPM. We are able to keep the timing on further which is huge for those wanting to run an aftermarket pipe that likes to rev. The next timing map we noticed needed some work was the timing vs pipe temp. We noticed with a hot pipe the motor really pulled timing back quickly... way too quickly. We set that right to provide maximum horsepower while still being very safe if your EGT soars to an unsafe level. After that, we changed the steady throttle lean mapping. Polaris has this map for those doing a steady cruise, and it's way too lean! This is meant to preserve fuel of course, but if you try to give it throttle while in this map it responds very sluggish until it transitions to the regular fuel map. We added just a bit of fuel which really wakes things up. The last thing we change is the electronic oil mixture. The stock fuel to oil mixture is very lean which has lead to premature engine wear and failure. By enriching the oil mixture we help lengthen engine life and maintain better power for longer.


    AXYS 800 Tunes Currently Available (More to come soon!): 

    Level 0 - Stock/BMP Muffler (+5HP) (Will also work with other properly designed mufflers)

    Level 1 - BMP Pipe (+12-13hp) (Will work well with other aftermarket pipes)

    Level 2 - BMP Pipe & Head (+16-17hp)

    Level 3 - Head, Durability Kit & BMP Pipe (+20-21hp)

    Level 4 - Head & Durability Kit (+10hp)