These Stage 2 Clutch Kits fit AXYS 800 HO Models 2015-Up
Amazing all around performance gains
Lightning quick back shift
Adjustable for altitude, modifications & more
Goldstar weights adjust easily with magnets
Superior weight profile offers better acceleration and maximum top speed
Custom cut helix angle to get the most out of your model
Comes with 2 teflon washers to prevent spring bind and free up clutch movement for faster shifts
Setup sheet included for many different modifications, sleds, and altitudes
Kit Includes: BMP Goldstar magnetic adjustable weights, primary spring, secondary spring, teflon washers & a custom cut helix
Low Altitude = 0-6000ft
Mid Altitude = 3000-6000ft
High Altitude = 6000+ft
Select your model from the list below and enjoy one of the best Axys 800 clutch kits on the market!


  • We’ll admit the stock AXYS has good clutching to begin with compared to other models. However, there is still room for improvement! When testing we noticed this sled liked to be loaded hard with the stock configuration. Knowing this, we put together the right combination for a stock, or modified machine. You will notice great acceleration gains and much better track speed in the deep powder. The lightning quick back shift is probably the best thing about this kit. When you let off the throttle, then get back into it, the power is right on tap. The kit offers slightly higher engagement without getting too high. Easily adjustable primary weights allow you to tune for almost any riding style or modifications. A setup sheet is provided that lists all setups we have for your machine (ex. stock, pipe, full bolt on kit). Kit includes custom cut helix, secondary spring, 2 Teflon Washers, Goldstar magnetic adjustable weights and primary spring.  Low alt= 0-3000ft, mid alt= 3000-6000ft, high alt= 6000+ft.

    Looking at the graph: The graph and chart are a representation of our test findings with this clutch kit. We found the average run for stock, and the average run for the clutch kit. You will notice slightly slower times at lower speeds with the clutch kit. This is showing the track spin created from the extra power transfer down low, and slightly loose snow conditions on the start gate. This was on a trail studded sled.