Sensor adapter solves peak RPM loss problems.

*Not recommended on 2014 models.*

This item will not work with the stock muffler, only aftermarket mufflers. 



  • E-Tec Muffler Sensor Adapter: Is your E-Tec bogging out on long wide opens pulls since you installed an aftermarket muffler? The problem is how sensitive the E-Tec motor is to heat. The aluminum finned design dissipates heat to aid in cooling the sensor. Plus the simple adapter moves the sensor out of the extreme heat inside the muffler, allowing your machine to hold maximum RPM all the time. Simple and easy. Threads into your muffler, and simply thread the sensor into the adapter.


    This adapter will cause the sled to run leaner. This is necessary for models which lose peak RPM because the sensor reads too hot. *We do not recommend running this adapter unless you notice a problem with your sled.* *

    2014 models, or older models with the piston & ECU update should not use this sensor adapter as it will make the sled run too cool. Most 2014 or older models with the updates will be fine with no adapter. Your ski-doo dealer now has a re-flash for adding an aftermarket muffler which we highly recommend.