Fits all 2011-Up E-Tec 800 Rev/Renegade/Summit Models
Amazing horsepower and torque gains for simple bolt-on products
Must have modifications to wake up your 800 E-Tec
Gains 10-11 horsepower from 6500 RPM and up
Excellent mid range and torque
Choose from either the Powder Lite (light and loud) or Full Velocity (a bit louder than stock with a good tone) muffler.
Choose from painted black or ceramic chrome exhaust
Stage 1 Kit includes: Performance Manifold, Lightweight Muffler, Sensor Adapter, V-Force Reed Cages, & Stage 2 Clutch Kit
Stage 3 Kit adds cyilnder porting. You must send your cylinder and exhaust valves (blades only) for stage 3 kits.
2-4 week turnaround for Stage 3 kits
Stage 1 PN: 13-206-1 (Retail $1100)
Stage 3 PN: 13-206-3 (Retail $2095)


  • Stage 1

    As of right now the E-Tec 800 models are not easy to get big horsepower out of. However, we here at BMP have the best remedy on the market. A solid 10-11 HP gain from 6500 RPM and up! Field tested and approved by many riders. We send you our industry leading performance manifold, either our Powder Lite or Full Velocity muffler, sensor adaptor, V-Force Reeds, and our Stage 2 Clutch Kit. Excellent low and high end power gains for not a ton of money!

    Stage 3

    Upgrade to the Stage 3 for an extra 8 HP over Stage 1! Stage 3 includes everything from Stage 1 with the addition of porting your cylinders and a Power Commander 5 pre-programmed with our custom map. Huge gains with our reliable trail cylinder porting! The factory leaves a lot on the table and we are here to deliver that power to you! Don't be fooled by others, our porting is the best in the industry! Be sure to send exhaust valves (blades only) and cylinders. You can also opt to purchase the cylinder and exhaust valves outright (no core exchange) for $800 extra.