Durability kit fits all year 2008-Up 800 CFI & AXYS 800 CFI HO motors
Custom designed taller pistons have less piston slap
Rings have been spaced apart for better cooling
Pistons have .020" wrist pin offset to take load off the intake side
Forged pistons are more durable and collapse less than factory pistons
Lubrication holes in the skirt of the piston designed to lengthen piston skirt life
Teflon coated pistons
Gains 6-7 horsepower and even more for motors down on compression
A must have for motors with over 1500 miles on stock pistons
Smoother running motor
No EFI controller required
Includes pistons, rings, circlips, wristpins, cylinder bolts, cylinder spacer, longer alignment pins, & 2 base gaskets.
Part #: BMP-P800DK


  • For all Polaris 800 CFI & CFI HO motors, 2008-Up. The relatively short rods and pistons have been the cause of the short life of the stock pistons and rings. Most machines will lose 20-30 lbs of compression after just 1500 miles of riding which causes a loss in performance. How many miles do you have on your sled? If it has 1500 miles or more, you're in need of this kit! The key to this kit are the taller pistons we developed which allow less piston rock. This reduces the stress on the piston and rings dramatically. We also extended piston life by slightly changing the ring location, adding lubrication holes on all four corners of the piston, and Teflon coated the skirts. The Durability Kit includes a cylinder spacer that raises the cylinder the same amount as the piston is taller so port timing isn't changed. The added crankcase volume even produces 6 more horsepower so your engine life is extended dramatically while gaining power at the same time. The kit comes with two new Teflon coated pistons, rings, wristpins, circlips, longer cylinder bolts, our machined spacer, longer dowel pins, and two base gaskets. If you plan to keep your Polaris, you better get your Durability Kit shipped out today! 6 HP gain with no EFI Controller!

     How does it compare to the competitors? Many people ask how our Durability Kits compare to everyone else's. Truthfully some other companies kits do work; however none of them have engineered all the features that we offer.

    Wossner Pistons - Unmatched forged piston quality compared to any other manufacturer. Other companies use Wossner but they are not the same design as ours.

    We engineered our Pistons .250" taller than stock to reduce fatigue on piston skirts due to rod angles. Some people install longer rods but doing so decreases power and costs much more. 

    We designed Gas Ports into our piston These are small ports that allow oil film from underside of piston through the piston to help lubricate high load areas.

    We offset our wrist pin .020" towards the exhaust side to reduce skirt loading during power stroke.

    We engineered a wider ringland between the rings to reduce ring temperature.

    The addition of the .250" spacer under the cylinder corrects cylinder volume for the 800 CFI/CFI HO resulting in more efficient power.  

    The addition of the spacer under cylinder also lifts cylinder intake shirts up out of the reed window reducing intake restriction and resulting in more power during high airflow demand at high RPM.