These kits fit 2016+ Arctic Cat Models with the BOSS clutches
Fixes the sluggish factory clutching issues
Unmatched acceleration and track speed gains
Lightning quick back shift (down shift)
Holds RPM much better than factory
Smooth shift teflon washers included for buttery smooth secondary shifts
Much smoother and better working reverse
Easily adjustable for fine tuning
Includes setup guidlines for your model and different modifications
Includes our Goldstar magnetic adjustable clutch weights, BMP primary spring, BMP secondary spring, 2 smooth shift teflon washers and a custom cut helix
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***ZR & XF Low Altitude kits currently available - HCR & M kits available 2/15/16***


  • Are you looking for an arm ripping, extremely responsive Cat that flat out hauls @ss? So were we... which is why we developed this clutch kit!  This is a must have modification for your '16-Up Arctic Cat!  For the 2016 models, Cat did a nice job of upgrading to the Team clutches. However, we were still able to make drastic improvements to get your sled running harder than ever before. The stock clutching is loaded way too hard on the secondary, which results in an extremely sluggish machine.  We have your fix! Our Stage 2 clutch kits consist of our magnetic adjustable primary weights, primary spring, secondary spring, smooth shift teflon washers and a custom cut helix. With our expert clutch tuning knowledge, and the right components at hand we gain huge all around clutching performance.  For mountain riders, you’ll see our clutching hold RPM much better and track speed will increase because of this.  On the trail, you’ll have insane upshift, and incredible backshift due to our weight profile, custom springs, and custom cut helix. This results in amazing corner to corner performance that simply can’t be matched!  One key component to consistant clutching and quicker shifts is our smooth shift teflon washers. These washers are stacked on the splined spring cup and allow free movement of the flat side of the spring.  No matter where you ride, we have a clutch setup that will perform above and beyond your expectations.  Please select the kit which is best for your altitude and performance modifications.